Parenting Without A Partner?

If you're a solo dad, you are not alone.

In 2014, there were 1.9 million single fathers in the U.S., alone.

But the bleak truth is: as a single father you may take forever to adjust in your new role.



with Lane Olsen

This Exclusive Retreat Includes:

  • Retreat to Exclusive Cabin in Park City, Utah
  • Experts to Transform you Life Today
  • Complete Make Overs
  • Yoga, Meditation and Fitness Workouts
  • Daily Recreation Activities
  • Dating and Relationship Coaching
  • Financial and Career Training
  • Krav Maga Self Defense
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Etiquette Training
  • Raw Food Detox
  • Spiritual Massage

Lane Olsen

Founder and Creator

Garrett Michael

Barber Shop

Lisa Bensen

Nutrition Expert

Clayton Mortensen

Krav Maga Trainer

Jennifer Salerno

Yoga Instructor

Denise Curtis

Spiritual Massage

Nicole Wilhelm Huntsman

Astrology Relationship Expert

Woody Woodward

Relationship Expert

Lindsay Schmidt

Dance Instructor

Anthony Fowler

Master of Unblocking Negative Energy

Whitney Wiser

Master Esthetician

Kimberly Stratton Larsen

Chef Prep My Fuel

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Issues for Single Dads

  • Isolation - Exclusion from Important Social Events
  • Feeling Invisible - Lack Recognition Compared to Single Mothers
  • Difficult to Balance - Career and Full-Time Parenting
  • Increased Responsibility - Financial Burdens
  • Lack of Support System - Embarrassment in Sharing Emotions
  • Loneliness - Hard to Start New Relationships

What if there was a way to
turn things around?

Are you interested In:

  • Being an engaged father?
  • Earning large sums of money?
  • Getting a fit and healthy body?
  • Going out with gorgeous women?
  • Finding inner peace?

With Lane Olsen's Fathers on Fire Retreat,
Learn To Navigate Through The Choppy Waters of Single Fatherhood.


  • Being an engaged father?
  • Earning large sums of money?
  • Getting a fit and healthy body?
  • Going out with gorgeous women?
  • Finding inner peace?

If you're looking to live like never before, if you're aiming at a truly Transformative Life Experience

This Program Has Been Designed for YOU

  • Gain Sensible Insight
  • Be Inspired and Interested
  • Learn To Solve Real Problems
  • Master No-Fluff Practical Tools

During The Fathers on Fire Program You Will Cover CORE Areas:


On a daily basis, you're probably battling conflicting emotions. It's time to:

Shed away the cloak of negativity.

Drop any feelings of jealousy.

Absorb positive attributes from others around you.

Nothing can be more fundamental to your success and happiness in life than strong relationships. Pursue them relentlessly. Guard them with all you've got.

  • Get Close to Your Children
  • Nurture them and Show them Affection
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Lay Down the Ground Rules
  • Protect Them from Any Harm
  • Raise Them To Be Self-Confident
  • Stay Available for Emotional Support
  • Help Them Cope With Their Feelings
  • Help Make Sound Decisions
  • Be A Good Friend
  • Conquer Any Anxiety About Dating
  • No Tricks or Manipulation
  • Learn to Be Engaging and Interesting
  • Brush Up On the Art of Complimenting
  • Attract Any Woman You Want
  • Find The Woman Of Your Dreams
  • Sweep Her Off Her Feet
  • Make Her Heart Melt
  • Be A True Romantic
  • Become The Guy Women Just Want To Fall In Love With


As a single father, there's no question about you being buried
under a mountain of statements and bills. You obviously
face budgeting challenges that are unique:

You love your children, but it's
expensive raising them!

  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Daunted by the thought of rent?
  • Deciding on which bills to delay paying?

Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about bills or other expenses? Don't you want a secure financial future for your children? What about figuring out how to be financially independent? Freeing yourself from the shackles as a wage slave? Aren't you secretly hoping to retire early so you can spend quality time with your precious ones?

What if you could have money flowing into your account even if you don't get out of bed??

With the Fathers on Fire program, you could do just that:

Gain Knowledgeable Financial Advice and Wisdom

  • Create Your Wealth Through Stocks
  • Pick Solid and Stable Companies
  • Win At Stock Selection
  • Learn When It Is Best To Buy Or Sell
  • Profit from Emerging Sectors
  • Stream of Interest From Bonds
  • Establish A Passive Income Source
  • Rental Income from Real Estate
  • Earnings from Advertisements on Your Website
  • Affiliate Marketing


There's only one true reason behind you not being in your best shape.

"Fitness isn't a real priority for you".

That's just stating a simple fact: no judgments or bad mouthing.

You've probably worn out "don't have enough time", as an excuse.

How can a single dad possibly make time for the gym or being fit and continue to be consistent? Truth is, apart from just looking great, a physically fit body is extremely essential.

  • Helps Avoid Injuries
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Stress
  • Makes you feel Better, both Mentally and Physically
  • Decreases Risk of Illness and Disease

Doesn't the sound of that make you want to bolt out the door and start getting fit..right now?

Here's How Fathers on Fire can Help:

Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life

  • Explore Boxed Breathing
  • Get a Ripped Body
  • Maximum Workout for Muscles
  • Learn How To Be Lean and Strong
  • Decrease Your Body Fat
  • Take Charge of Eating Right
  • Understand How Herbs Can Help
  • Unlock the Powers of Juicing
  • Make Fitness A Life Priority



Service and Contribution

On some occasions, cynicism might get the best of you. While you're juggling with work and family, all alone, you might have become bitter without noticing it. It feels like no one is there to help and so, why should you help or give back to the community?

The Program gives you a new outlook on life. You'll feel "supercharged" after receiving the benefits of giving back.

Make a Real & Positive Impact:

  • Meet Others and Get Social
  • Experience Challenges Head On
  • Gain New Skills and Knowledge
  • Support those In Dire Need
  • Feel Like You're Needed
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • Enjoy Personal Growth


When you explore spirituality, you undergo an immediate transformation: you begin to understand the endless possibilities of the universe.It is important and vital to realize that there is Divinity in everything around you. You don't have to necessarily believe in God for this, it is about meditating and finding a peaceful mental place to go to. If you've decided to explore spirituality in your life, it doesn'thave to mean you give up on your dreams

Find A Stronger Connection With A Higher Being:

  • Tap Into Traditional Meditation and Yoga
  • Live In The Moment
  • Let Go Of Past Painful Thoughts and Memories
  • Free Yourself From The Incessant Chatter of Your Mind
  • Live Right From The Heart
  • Relate to the World Around You
  • Reach Happiness Buried Deep Within You